Transaction Advisory and ESOPs


Transaction Advisory and ESOPs


Optimizing value in conjunction with a merger or acquisition, addition of new partners or investors, or some other liquidity event is most effectively accomplished with the assistance of experts who understand not only valuations of enterprises, assets, and business combinations, but how deals are structured, including tax and accounting considerations. Our professional staff has participated in hundreds of transactions and understands what it takes to drive value and execute transactions with superior results. In addition to “traditional” transactions, we frequently provide advice related to implementations of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), which require specialized technical expertise. Our nationally-recognized ESOP valuation specialists possess the experience and training to satisfy stringent fiduciary requirements. Our transaction advisory and ESOPs valuation experiences include, among others:

  • Fairness opinions

  • Solvency Opinions

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Acquisition target assessment

  • Going-private transactions

  • Synergistic benefits analyses

  • Recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts

  • Bankruptcies and reorganizations

  • ESOP feasibility and fairness opinions

  • ESOP annual updates

  • Financial Reporting

  • ESOP transactions and sales

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